We are ‘Koyone Chaen’ in Kyo-tanabe Kyoto Pref..
Our shop succeeded in cultivation of tea by no fertilizer application farming without agricultural chemicals for the first time in the world.
Considering for your health, it is carrying out by the cultivation method very good in the body.
Please try at once the no fertilizer application farming without agricultural chemicals tea of our shop by all means.

茶園 無施肥無農薬 京都

No fertilizer

We grow only with rain water and sunlight!
Gyokuro and Sencha have different throats!
Agricultural chemicals as well as organic fertilizers are not used,
Natural irrigation, cultivation with soil and sunlight alone is not paying attention to fertilizer-free pesticide cultivation method.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009 Posted in Mainichi Shinbun morning edition.

小米茶園 掲載 お茶

None fertilized pesticide-free cultivation

This farming method is an agricultural product which strictly and continuously carried out cultivation by natural supply of nature and irrigation, without using artificial chemical fertilizer and pesticides as well as artificial use. ”
“None fertilized pesticide-free cultivation” is an agricultural method that makes use of soil, without applying fertilizer, pesticides, etc. at all on soil.
However, it is a farming method that is neither farming nor agricultural method, reduced pesticide cultivation, organic cultivation, not duck farming method, no agricultural chemical cultivation nor customary cultivation.

Featured Products

MATCHA “Miyako no Shiro”

Price ¥ 2,916 (tax included)
Contents 20 g
It is Matcha in Tokyu in the prefectural border of Kyoto and Shiga. Tokoromiya, the production center of the five major Japanese tea ceremonies in Japan, is famous as the best tea-producing place since it has a cloudy climate with high temperature and temperature difference between day and night at an altitude of 400 m. Please recommend Tomonomi Matcha “Miyako no Shiro” suitable for calling the highest peak.


Green TEA “Ohkini”

Price ¥ 1,405 (tax included)
Contents 60g
It grew up taking plenty of sunshine at the open-air tea garden,
There is refreshingness of a unique throat of non-fertilized pesticide-free cultivation,
Among them, the balance of astringent and taste is very good, it is rich incense and tired of not having come.



Price ¥ 1,188 (tax included)
Contents amount 100 g
It is characterized by fragrant incense and refreshing taste of Hojicha of fertilizer-free pesticide-free cultivation that you carefully roasted and finished, and you can let children to drink it.